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With so many tattoo styles and techniques that are available nowadays, it’s really hard to choose the one that both your eyes and mind will love at first sight. But today’s featured tattooist is more than an artist, she is a real philosopher. The woman shows love and care, not only through her artwork, which is beautifully and thoughtfully detailed, but she also really loves everyone who steps into her life. It’s artists of this nature that are game changers, and they inspire others to see…

Kornkanok Phanjan
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Korean culture is a treasure trove of art, tradition, and symbolism that offers a plethora of inspiring tattoo ideas. From intricate designs rooted in ancient heritage to modern twists that pay homage to K-pop and contemporary trends, attoo Ide23 Korean Tas invite you to delve into the diverse and captivating world of Korean artistry. 1.

Becca Gwen