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Explore a variety of flavorful Korean tea recipes that will warm your soul and transport you to the vibrant streets of Korea. Discover the perfect blend to relax and rejuvenate your senses.
So these don't include all of the types of tea you can find, but basically 12 of the most popular. Some are unique to Korea, and some are not. My personal fav? Citron and Green Tea. Citron i... Snacks, Cooking, Foodie Travel, Korean Tea, Korean Food, Food And Drink, Unique Tea, Tea Houses, Drinking Tea

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Korea’s No. 1 Premium Tea Brand: Osulloc, Korea’s most beloved tea brand, has cultivated and harvested tea from Jeju Island since 1979. Osulloc is a premium tea brand worldwide, having placed first in many global tea competitions. Osulloc’s Four Most Popular Teas: "Wedding Green Tea" with an enchanting floral scent with a hint of sweet muscat; "Red Papaya Black Tea" with scents of red rose and sweet tropical fruits in a black tea base; "Samdayeon Jeju Young Tangerine" with a sweet and tangy…

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