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"Be brave, be yourself, and show the world who you are."Livi is a recurring LEGO Friends character. She was introduced in 2015. Livi is a pop star whom all the Friends admire, especially Andrea. She is usually friendly and humble, although in the episode Andrea's Big Moment, she acts rather cold – as a result of pressure of being a talent show judge – and almost mean. She gave Andrea a second chance when she couldn't sing on the Heartlake talent competition (in said episode) at first, which…

41093 Natasha

Natasha is a Friends mini-doll Figure introduced in 2015. Natasha has light skin and blonde hair, with a dyed magenta streak. Her hair is partially tied into a small ponytail on the left side of her head. She wears a purple sleeveless top, buttoned on the left side, a short purple skirt, and magenta ballet shoes with purple soles. The printed-on pocket of her top contains a comb. Natasha has the face of Olivia, and re-uses Wyldstyle's hairstyle, but in blonde. The hair is not made of…

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