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Explore the world of Lego spaceships and create your own intergalactic adventures. Discover top ideas to build and customize your dream Lego spaceship for endless fun and exploration.
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The ST-60 Light Runner is known throughout the galaxy for its speed and ability to get from point A to B without drawing too much attention. It is mainly utilized by smugglers and rebels to move small amounts of cargo through dangerous areas undetected. When it does come across trouble, its droid operated laser turret does a good job of keeping the heat off its back.

Keegan Burdin
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Rob Morrissau (dasnewten) is usually known for his gorgeous angular yet blocky spaceships where, to paraphrase Jon Hall, every single piece is in the right place. He’s certainly got the pieces in the right place in the QF-45 Sarigar but this time he’s gone vertical and more organic. And the cockpit is excellent.