Light water

Discover the beauty of light water and how it can transform your space. Explore unique ideas to incorporate light water into your home decor for a refreshing and mesmerizing atmosphere.
Crystal Lamp that Bring Texture and Create Pattern ripple crystal lamp2 Design, Studio, Lights, Decoration, Interior, Inspiration, Design Studio, Lighting Design, Light Project

Design studio Poetic Lab recently presented the Lamp "Ripple". An articulated around two guidelines project, the refraction of light as a function of surfaces and glass craftsmanship. The ripple project looks like a polished brass base that accommodates a glass dome handmade and deliberately imperfect. The surface irregularities are distorting light, bringing texture and creating

Randa R. Chahine
nickyskye meanderings: Webs of light on and in water - swimming pool water revisited Studio, Interior, Architecture, Light And Space, Lights, Lighting Design, Installation Art, Light Reflection, Lighting

Much of my life, I've loved the net shaped light patterns that dance off water onto walls, onto the surface below the water, the sand or river bed or onto creatures swimming in the water. Water spangled, dappled, sparkling, rippling with light. Photo credit: Often these patterns can be seen on the surface of swimming pool water or on the walls of the swimming pool itself. Sometimes, sitting in the cabin of a boat, the light patterns play on the walls. So I collected images of…

David Witt