Lime marmalade

Discover mouthwatering lime marmalade recipes to start your day off right. From toast to pastries, explore a variety of ways to enjoy this tangy and refreshing spread.
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A delicious tangy lemon and lime marmalade made by traditional methods and a welcome addition to any breakfast table, as well as being essential in baking and general cooking, This recipe is by Vivien Lloyd, who has kindly allowed me to reproduce it here. You can see the original recipe in her book First Preserves, as well as in her eBook here: First Preserves: Marmalades.

Alice Glenister
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My trees' bounty of Thai limes (Citrus hystrix - also known as makrut, but please, not the k-word) made marmalade possible. It is delicious and set to perfection. Not everyone grows or has access to Thai limes and they do have a unique flavor and fragrance. But this recipe will work for other sour citrus. You can use any amount of fruit, as long as you stick to the formula. It's a lot of sugar in the finished marmalade but by no means overwhelming; the lime's pith is bitter and needs…

Marie Drew