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Looking so psychedelic… this is overshot “woven on opposites”. I’m using the aqua for my main colour and orange for the accent colour. It beats more closely because there is no tabby to provide the base structure and looks more weft-faced. The treadling rhythm doesn’t feel as convenient as alternating two feet for pattern-tabby-pattern-tabby, but ...

Teresa Taylor
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I am not good at it. Rest that is. I have struggled for the last week with the need to give myself a break. But it isn't easy. Why is that? Resting should be the thing we're best at. I finished the Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry online course and it opened October 5th. It took me about a year to make it and I can't set it aside now. Since pushing the button that made the course live to The World, this is what my brain has been doing: "You wanted to change that part of that video."…


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