Low calorie pizza

Enjoy guilt-free pizza with these mouthwatering low calorie pizza recipes. Satisfy your cravings without breaking your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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This low calorie pizza is easy and fast! You can make it in just 15 minutes (from start to finish!)I made this amazing healthy pizza sauce with Rachael Ray and Bob Harper (from The Biggest Loser) and since then I have created an even lower calorie dough.Special Tip: I can't be sure what yummy toppings you might want to add, so I did not include them in the nutrition. I did however add the nutritional information below so that you can choose for yourself.

Jessica Haynes
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This Low Calorie Sheet Pan Pizzas is just 45 calories per slice, and that includes the cheese! I have also included a toppings guide, and above in the ingredients section you can find the number of calories each will add to each slice. Special Tip: A sheet pan is MUCH LARGER than a cookie sheet. So you can use 2 cookie sheets, or one large sheet pan.

Allie Jensen
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These Low Calorie Pizza Rolls are just 55 calories each! And you can have the entire batch for just 440 calories!!This amazing versatile dough uses self-rising flour so you don't need to wait for it to rise, making these healthy pizza rolls quick too!Special Tip: You can remove the pepperoni if you don't like or can't have it. The recipe is still delicious meat free! As a bonus, this will also cut 4 calories from each pizza roll.

Marie Kirchner