Making a mesh wreath

Learn how to make a stunning mesh wreath with these creative tips. Explore step-by-step instructions and discover inspiring ideas to create a unique and festive wreath for any occasion.
How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step by Step - PinkPopDesign

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Heather Dellwardt Peitz
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These deco mesh wreaths have a fun and have a festive look to them! I chose these colors because it went with the house it was going to. You can choose whatever colors you like to make it fit your home or for any holiday! Here is a picture of the supplies you'll need. I get all the supplies at Hobby Lobby. Usually For all this it costs around $20-$25. The mesh rolls will also last for two wreaths. One 16'' wire wreath form Three different color 10''rolls of mesh (you can use more if you want…

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When I saw the curly deco mesh wreaths on the Internet recently, I knew I wanted to find out how to copy them. They have a fun and festive look to them with the deco mesh being cut in short pieces then rolled into spirals. My local craft stores don't have a good selection of deco mesh but I heard of a store about a thirty minute drive away that had more to choose from. I drove over to check it out. The store did have about forty colors of deco mesh and also lots of wreaths made up for sale…