Mason jar garden

Transform your outdoor space with these creative and beautiful mason jar garden ideas. Discover how to create a stunning garden using mason jars, and bring a touch of charm to your home.
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If you're tired of digging in your refrigerator or braving the elements every time you want to enjoy fresh herbs, it might be time to come up with a craftier solution. Planting your herbs in mason jars of various sizes is a great way to...

Dawn Carriere
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Wanna have a windowsill full of herbs all year round? Look no further than this DIY mason jar herb garden that will keep your garden nice, tidy, and clean, all while rewarding you with some beautiful herbs that you can use day in and day out! Keep reading about the DIY mason jar herb garden to learn how to set it up, seed it, and plant it! Especially in areas where winters are long and cold, having a a mason jar herb garden is a MUST as the only thing they really need is good soil, a little…

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