Meal replacement bars

Discover a wide range of delicious meal replacement bars that are perfect for a quick and healthy snack. Find the perfect bar to fuel your day and satisfy your cravings.
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1. Vegan Raw Crunch Bars I know, I know. Vegan and Paleo don't always go together. But when it comes to protein bars, they can be best friends. These are chock full of seeds and nuts of all kinds, and you can replace the agave with more maple syrup (or with honey) to keep it low-processed...

Brittney Partee
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When you’re going to miss or skip a sit-down meal, do you grab a meal replacement bar or a candy bar? You probably answered “health” bar, but some of those pack just as much sugar as an actual candy bar (if not more!). Considering you’re probably noshing on “healthy” bars more often than you cheat with candy, what they’re hiding behind their wrappers may be doing much more damage to your health and weight loss efforts than you realize. So check out today’s guide as we uncover the truth about…

Jilly Beanz