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Discover a variety of delicious and convenient meals in a jar that are perfect for busy lifestyles. Prepare your meals in advance and enjoy flavorful recipes wherever you go.
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Planning to serve alfredo sauce but find the jar in your pantry bland? Read on for delicious ideas about how to make jarred alfredo sauce better! Throwing a jar of alfredo sauce from the pantry together with cooked pasta is easy! But it can lack flavor and uniqueness. If you find yourself in this predicament, there is no need to stress. With just a little extra time and a few simple ingredients, that bland jar can be transformed into something special.

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Chili Crisp Fettucine Alfredo with Spinach — Like the recipe above, this weeknight pasta dish is more than enough reason to make sure you always have a jar of chili crisp in your fridge. Pasta, Healthy Recipes, Meals, No Cook Meals, Meals In A Jar, Quick Meals, Easy Dinner Options, Cooking Recipes, Dinner

There's a lot going for this recipe. Unbelievable flavor? Check. Actually ready in less than 30 minutes? Double-check. Budget-friendly? Check, check, check. Of all the genuinely easy pasta dishes I've tried in my lifetime, this one is the most delicious.Also, just saying: This is one of the rare pasta dishes that actually tastes even better the next day. How? I'm unsure. But you'll want to make enough to enjoy the following day for lunch.Recipe: Chili Crisp Fettucine Alfredo with Spinach

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