Men with cats

Explore heartwarming pictures of men bonding with their feline friends. Discover the special connection between men and cats and find inspiration for your own cat companionship.
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My Cat Absolutely Adores My Boyfriend

We’re really hoping that 2021 will eventually be better than last year. But wishful thinking isn’t enough—it’s time for some fluffy action. The Bored Panda team is dedicated to picking up your spirits and showing you how much good there is in the world, so we lovingly crafted this post for you about the most wholesome cat posts on the internet.

Elena Patrikova
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50 Pictures Of Pets Being Incredibly Silly To Make You Laugh

Some say that people don’t deserve dogs; and while I agree with the statement, I believe that we might not be worthy of animals in general. With their adorably weird behavior and derpy faces, the critters undeniably make our world a better place, and there sure is enough content on the internet to back that up.