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You're doing it wrong.  Another article on gear...gun gear.    By Solomon Shorter       I know what you're thinking right after you read the title.  Another guy that thinks he's going to tell me what gun I need Survival Gear, Tactical Gear Loadout, Military Equipment, Tactical Survival, Tactical Gear, Combat Gear, Military Gear, Tactical, Airsoft Sniper

By Solomon Shorter I know what you’re thinking right after you read the title. Another guy that thinks he’s going to tell me what gun I need or the type of training I need to defend my family in a SHTF situation. Nope. Not me. That’s a personal decision and all I can do is ... Read more

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Night vision is only decorative, not functional. Night vision is only decorative, not functional. Night vision is only decorative, not functional. The drop-down menu has several options, each of which will have a picture The small picture in the image is the list of items Single helmet weight: around 650g There are multiple accessories to choose from freely. Features: Lightweight, explosion-proof, shock absorbing Applicable: Mountaineering and cycling, tactical sports, military fan…

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Other Imported Impact Protection - These gloves are designed to protect your hands from impacts while shooting, hunting or working in industrial environments Touchscreen Compatible - The fingers are touchscreen compatible, so you can use your smart devices without having to take off the gloves Easy On and Off - Glove station mens glove designed with air holes to reduce stuffiness during long period of exercise - These gloves are easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for quick…

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Lightweight: helmet It is about 1.43lb, Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable impact pads, Helmet is a lightweight, fully adjustable helmet perfect for just about any outdoor Applications. Tactical Headphone Hearing protection: Powerful sound pickup function can clearly hear the sound of footsteps within 3 meters, The pickup function will be automatically turned off when encountering sudden explosions; Noise reduction up to 90 decibels or more.. The left and right…