Milk science experiment

Discover the magic of milk through these fun and educational science experiments. Engage your kids with hands-on activities and explore the fascinating world of dairy.
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Did you know you could turn milk into plastic? I didn't. I had no idea! I did know that you can turn cream into butter, which is just what I was planning on doing with one of my Kindergarten classes back when I taught in the classroom. We love easy science experiments! There I was,

Courtney Pahl
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It's simple to create fun science experiences for your kids, even if you don't consider yourself scientific. Most of the concepts preschoolers are learning require just a basic explanation and understanding. Plus, teaching science to preschoolers takes advantage of the innate curiosity that most kids have at this age. Young children learn through personal experience, experimenting and trial and error. Simple Science for Preschoolers helps kids learn about how the world works and does so in a…

Sarah Delgado
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Learn a changing matter experiment you can easily do at school that is perfect for 2nd grade. This properties of matter ice cream in a bag science experiment is a delicious demonstration of temperature changes matter that students can eat at the end!

Katharine Henley