Mini tart pans

Discover a variety of mouthwatering mini tart recipes that are perfect for creating individual portions. Get inspired to bake and enjoy these delectable treats today!
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Mini Salted Chocolate Tarts

The easiest mini salted chocolate tarts ever, even for a beginner. These delicious tarts come with flaky buttery shells and luscious decadent chocolate filling. A touch of salt sprinkled on top brings them to another level. Impress your loved ones with this recipe!

Tracy Nielson
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Gluten-Free Tartlet Shells (mini tart shells)

These easy Gluten-Free Tartlet Shells are flaky, buttery, and made with just six ingredients in a mini muffin pan. Add any of your favorite fillings and garnishes to these gluten-free mini tarts. They are the perfect bite-sized appetizer for parties!

becky Krohn