Mirror display

Enhance your home decor with creative mirror display ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate mirrors into your space for added style and visual appeal.
This Frosted Mirror Display For A Squeegee At IKEA

There’s nothing quite like a good design that sticks with people. Just think of it… Imagine Apple without its half-bitten apple, or McDonalds with no golden arches, or the never-changing look of Leica camera, which shows that when you keep being different from everything, changing makes no sense.

Gaku Omura

Burberry and global beauty company Coty have enlisted content experimenter Unit9 to amplify the fashion label’s ‘Her’ fragrance and new identity through tech-led installations and applications for use across the brand’s worldwide stores. The first project is an AR Mirror where shoppers can see themselves interact, in real-time, with Burberry’s iconic ribbon. Up to three people at a time can …

Lauriz Seachon