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Discover expert tips and tricks for caring for mixed hair types. Learn how to achieve healthy and beautiful hair by using the right products and techniques. Start your journey to fabulous hair today.
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Inside: A complete hair care routine with step by step instructions for curly mixed hair care One of the most frequent questions I get in regards to my kids is “how do you maintain all that hair?”. No doubt mixed hair is a whole different ball game than how I manage my own curly hair.

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If your child's curls are frizzy, dry, matted, stiff, or limp, you might be making one, (or more) of these 12 common mixed curly hair mistakes. Find out how to fix them! #curlyhair #mixed #mixedkids #hairtips #biracial Simple Biracial Hairstyles, How To Style Biracial Curly Hair, How To Care For Mixed Curly Hair, How To Style Mixed Curly Hair, Dry Frizzy Curly Hair, How To Straighten Biracial Hair, Biracial Protective Hairstyles, Biracial Curly Hair, Mixed Kids Hair

Inside: 12 common mixed curly hair mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them. Curly hair is notoriously high maintenance because it’s naturally dry and fragile. It needs extra care to ensure those curls are healthy, defined, and gorgeous! Now if you’ve got mixed kids with curly hair, their hair care routine may look

Raising Biracial Babies
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Inside: Cleansing, detangling, products, and styling tips you need to know for biracial boy hair care! Hair care for biracial boys is just as important as hair care for biracial girls, yet there’s far fewer resources for them! When I first had my son I remember trying to look stuff up online but most of

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WARNING: I have consolidated everything you need to know about kids natural hair, tips on how to get your child(ren) excited about washing/styling their hair, what type of hair you are working with, what texture and porosity, the basic tools you need to care for natural hair, hair product recommendations and more. This is the only article you will need to get you started in your child(ren) hair care journey, so grab your coffee and take notes!Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links…

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These biracial hair care tips will keep your kids curls defined, frizz free and healthy! #curlyhair #biracial #mixed #mixedkids #curlyhairroutine Naturally Curly, Natural Hair Care, Biracial Hair Care, Natural Hair Conditioner, Mixed Hair Care, Curly Hair Care, Hair Care Growth, Hair Care Remedies, Hair Hacks

Inside: Amazing biracial hair care tips to maintain, moisturize, and define curls Let's face it, if your child has biracial hair it can be challenging to figure out how to maintain it. You're learning as you go. Part of the challenge is that their hair isn't like yours. I don't know about you, but it

Raising Biracial Babies