Multiplying mixed numbers

Learn how to multiply mixed numbers like a pro with these essential tips. Discover the easiest methods and practice exercises to improve your skills and boost your math performance.
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My students ALWAYS mess up with multiplying mixed numbers because they just want to multiply across. It is helpful to EXPLAIN WHY this does NOT work. First of all, make sure your students understand what the problem 3 1/2 x 1 1/4 is saying. It is saying that I want ALL of 3 1/2 (hence the 1) and then I want another 1/4 of the 3 1/2. If I want ALL of 3 1/2 and then I want another piece of it (1/4 of it), is there any way my answer could be 3 1/8 which is SMALLER than 3 1/2? NO WAY! Then…