Nikon d700

Explore the features and capabilities of the Nikon D700 camera to capture stunning photos and videos. Upgrade your photography game with this powerful and versatile camera.
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Have you ever gotten sucked into one of those crazy camera debates, either Nikon vs Canon or something along those lines, and people start throwing around the phrase "it's just a matter of preference, and the "feel" of the camera" ...And you realized you didn't have any REAL, SOLID REASONS for preferring the "feel" of your Nikon D700? "It's what I'm used to" is actually a pretty weak excuse, when you actually think about it. Just because I learned to drive on a Toyota, that doesn't mean I…

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Many of our readers request detailed information on the difference between the Nikon D700 and Nikon D300/D300s DSLR cameras. They wonder why there is such a big price difference, while the cameras look almost identical and the number of megapixels is the same. In this comparison, I will be providing not only feature differences between these cameras, but also high ISO samples to explain the difference between the different types of sensors used in D700 and D300/D300s.

Ully Bleil