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Media is packed with shiny covers and airbrushed images of celebrities we love, but the candid behind-the-scenes images that capture the unpolished truths and honest emotions of these famous faces are what show someone we can actually relate to.

JM May
Print and the Store of Human Knowledge | Freeport Press Art, Art Drawings, Draw, Sketches, Ilustrasi, Resim, Kunst, Sanat, Drawings

For the compulsive list makers like us in the crowd, you know the power of putting words on paper. Jotting that task down takes it out of our active brain space, freeing our gray matter up to focus on the work at hand. We no longer worry about recall; the printed word remains unalterable whenever we need to check the list. So it is with our collective human memory, it seems. “Before the printing press, memory was the main store of human knowledge, “notes the article “Memory and the Printing…

Ramya Chandrasekhar