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Expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons with our collection of must-read nonfiction books. Explore captivating true stories, insightful biographies, and thought-provoking works that will leave you wanting more.
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11 Nonfiction Books About Science That Will Explain The Weird, Wonderful World We Live In

Science! In many ways, we live in a thrilling era of scientific discovery. Some scientists are making breakthroughs in gene-editing and recycling orbital rockets. Others are perilously close to discovering life on other planets. Others have created…

Katie Cameron
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Nonfiction Book Recommendations

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. It’s almost Nonfiction November, which means that book lovers all over the world are putting together their reading lists. Are you ready to spend a whole month reading true stories? Nonfiction often gets a bad reputation because it’s associated with tedious crap, like work, school, and buying insurance. However, nonfiction can be just as weird and wonderful as fiction. Here are ten narrative nonfiction books…