Nontoxic cleaning

Discover the best nontoxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your home and the environment. Keep your living space clean and healthy with these eco-friendly cleaning tips.
easy and affordable product swaps for a healthier home

A great beginners guide to non toxic living - including a list of easy and often cost effective swaps like non toxic laundry detergent, non toxic cleaning products, non toxic cookware and more. It's important for us to share the knowledge we have with each other on what products work and contain ingredients that are natural and good for ourselves and the planet.

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Advertising tells us that we need a closet full of cleaning products to clean, sanitize and make our homes sparkle. But, do you know that most of these cleaners contain chemicals we probably don’t want in our homes, much less in our bodies? The good news is most of those dangerous cleaners are completely unnecessary!

Steph Malone