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Stay comfortable and protected with the best nursing pads. Discover top-rated options that provide the ultimate comfort and leak protection for nursing moms.
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Breastfeeding ain't easy anything that might make it a little more bearable for you, I'm here to share. Here are a few of my faves that are essential to all those newborn nursing mamas! I have owned and tested all of these and they continue to be my favorites 3 boys out. 1. The Nursing Pillow...My Brest Friend 2. The Nursing Tee...Hatch Striped Top The top that's made before during and after pregnancy...and it's perfect for sliding a baby under to nurse 3. Milk Savers...The…

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SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY FOR EXTRA CONFIDENCE - These pads absorb 20 times their weight to keep you confident and dry day and night RECOMMENDED BY MOMS - Convenient, easy to use, and very absorbent, Lansinoh nursing pads have an InvisiLock core to instantly capture and disperse moisture FREE OF FRAGRANCES - Also safe and comfortable for mom’s skin, plus BPA and BPS free INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED FOR CONVENIENCE - Hygienic wrapper keeps pads clean wherever you need to stash them BREATHABLE AIR POCKETS…

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Easy to sew Nursing Pads w/ pattern I wish I had these seven years ago. I bought a pattern once for nursing pads, but it was really hard to understand and I ended up with 1 inch thick scratchy discs to use. They were horrible and completely obvious. So I gave up on homemade nursing […]

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