Old Tree

Discover creative ideas to repurpose an old tree in your yard. Turn it into a stunning piece of furniture or a beautiful garden feature that adds charm to your outdoor space.
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The other day a pair of pileated woodpeckers came flying through the trees in the yard. They are always an awesome site; wide wing span and wobbly headed, their call precedes them. For years they have come to the yard and what do they seek out? The dead wood in the trees. They eat any bugs that inhabit the branches and bark. Tom and I have always left old dead trees, being careful to cut down to a point that part of any tree that could dangerously fall on the house or my beloved patio…

Lui Mao
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One of the longest living types of trees, oaks can survive upwards of a millennium. With over 600 different species, all varieties have enormous trunks, branches, showy bark, and acorns with cup-like caps. Since they mature into large trees with extremely wide canopies they are best suited for homes with large yards.

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