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Unleash your creativity with the ancient art of origami. Explore top ideas and techniques to become a skilled origami artist and bring your paper creations to life.
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This art installation called "Pursuit of Happiness" was created by Sipho Mabona. Dozens of pastel origami swallows were suspended to give the effect of a flock of birds in flight.Want to fold your own swallows? The crease pattern is located here and a three part instructional video is located here. Other origami by Sipho Mabona: Trilobite Origami Koi Origami

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Difficult Wet Folding Technique Allows This Vietnamese Artist To Create Curved Origami | Bored Panda Origami Horse, Origami Paper Folding, Origami Techniques, Origami Artist, Origami And Quilling, Origami And Kirigami, Folding Origami, Japanese Origami, Origami Paper Art

Most origami is geometrical, but Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết produces curved paper forms using a difficult technique known as wet-folding. This adds an element of sculpture to the work, making Hoàng's origami animals truly remarkable. Too little water and the paper dries before the folding is done; too much water, and the paper will rip.

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Using Naturally Dyed Cotton, Artist Sipho Mabona Explores Transformation through Origami | Colossal 3d Art Projects, Origami Shapes, Origami Artist, Geometric Artwork, Typographic Art, Colossal Art, Visual Culture, Modern Crafts, School Art Projects

Sipho Mabona (previously) folds, crimps, and puckers sheets of cotton to form geometric artworks. The artist dyes the porous material with natural substances like indigo and Maclura tinctoria (mulberry), which creates organic gradients and alters its texture. He then utilizes origami creases to transform the cotton’s structure and shape, sometimes working in response to current affairs. For example, the red pieces (shown below) are a response to Black Lives Matter and “also of biographical…

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