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Explore the world of origami fashion and discover creative ideas to incorporate this unique art form into your wardrobe. Elevate your style with origami-inspired designs and make a bold fashion statement.
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when orangewetland suggested shadowfokd flagstones I was very sceptical. I thought these should be possible but would be very hard to do because they're often so tough to make from paper. turns out that in fabric pretty easy, though. the process is very straight-forward. when you have a crease pattern with the flagstone polygons what you want to do is bringing the polygons together. and then you have the points where several polygons share a corner. on the back you will get a waterbomb…

Rain McLellan
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Here is a little tutorial for piecing the arcs of this wheel with freezer paper.... Once I have made my arcs for each quadrant of the circle and added 1/4 inch seam allowance to the arcs and the outside corner....I transfer each template to freezer paper {drawing on the paper side not the shiny side}.... To my freezer paper arcs I add lines to separate the segments. Then I score the lines with the back of a seam ripper so that the paper is easier fold. Just be careful not to press too hard…

Andy H

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