Oxygen therapy

Discover the benefits and uses of oxygen therapy to improve your health. Learn how oxygen therapy can enhance your well-being and find top ideas to incorporate it into your daily routine.
Oxygen Delivery Systems Nasal Cannula: • Flow: 1 ... Nasal Cannula, Emt Study, Nursing School Life, Nursing Essentials, Nursing School Essential, Nursing School Motivation, Nurse Study Notes, Nursing Student Tips, Nursing Mnemonics

Oxygen Delivery Systems Nasal Cannula: • Flow: 1 ...

Oxygen Delivery Systems Nasal Cannula: • Flow: 1 - 6 L/min • FiO2: 25 - 40% (-4%/L of flow) Face Mask: • Flow: 5 - 10 L/min • FiO2: 40 - 60% Device: Face Tent • Flow: 10 - 15 L/min • FiO2: ~40% Venturi Mask: • Flow: 2 - 15 L/min (based on valve) • FiO2: 24 - 60% (precisely controlled) Non-Rebreather: • Flow: 10 - 15 Lmin • FiO2: 80 - 95% High Flow Nasal Cannula: • Flow: up to 60 L/min • FiO2: 21 - 100% - Dr. Rishi Kumar @rishikumarmd #Oxygen #Delivery #Systems #respiratory #support #devices…

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The 7 Major Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

If you or someone you love suffers from a chronic respiratory disease, you might be curious about supplemental oxygen therapy. Whether you are already using supplemental oxygen or you think that you might need it, it's helpful to learn more about the therapy and the benefits it could have for you. Oxygen is an effective medication for a variety of chronic respiratory conditions, including COPD and cystic fibrosis. It improves your ability to breathe and can also prevent a variety of serious…

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