Pallet bookshelf

Transform your home with these DIY pallet bookshelf ideas. Create a rustic and charming atmosphere with a unique bookshelf made from pallets. Find inspiration and step-by-step guides to make your own.
Pallet Bookshelf! This would be awesome for our Lego room! :)

I'd been wanting to make a pallet bookshelf for our bedroom for a long time! I finally got some old pallets for free from work a few months ago, and Mikhal was able to disassemble them for me using this trick I read about on Pinterest! :) The neatly stacked pile of wood has been sitting in our driveway waiting for me for a while now, and we finally had the time to get started last weekend! First things first, a plan--of course! Then lots of selecting & measuring... Then lots of cutting…

Robert Johnson
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Making things by myself has always been something I enjoy doing. So, when I needed a place to keep my growing collection of books, I thought about using wooden pallets to make bookshelves. I had seen pictures online of creative ways people turned pallets into furniture, and it looked both fun and doable. I got some pallets from a local store, and I was ready to start my project. The first thing I did was clean the pallets and pull out any nails that were sticking out. Then, I had to decide…

Stephanie Trudeau