Pendant bails

Enhance your jewelry designs with unique pendant bail ideas. Discover top designs and techniques to create stunning and personalized pieces for your collection.
An alternative to glue-on bails available st stores ... make your own, with lots of design choices Wire Jewellery, Metal Jewellery, Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Beads, Horn, Beaded Jewellery, Wire Jewelry, Wire Work Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry

Oh 'hail' to the BAIL!! There are such a variety of jewellery pendant bails available to purchase ... different styles, sizes and metals. Some snap on, some pinch and some ... you're supposed to glue on! However, as a wire jewellery artist and designer, you might find (like me) they don't always blend well with the pendant you're making. Also, it can be fun and add more originality to your piece if you create your own. Below, you'll find a variety that I have created out of wire. A handmade…

Linda Gerke
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Bails are the most subtly important part of a pendant design - they are what hold the pendant to the chain! And I don’t know about you, but I balk at the price of pre-made bails. $1 each? Who’s got that kind of money? :) What I DO have is plenty of wire, tools, patience, and time - so I came up with my own design! ****NOTE: This is a Set of Instructions ONLY - the materials and finished product are NOT included in this listing**** I’ve never shown this to anyone but I am still amazed at the…

aurea troetsch
Abby Hook's Wire Wrapped Bail for Top-drilled Stones | Findings & Components, Toggles & Clasps, Earwire & Headpin Bijoux, Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Wire Jewellery, Wire Jewelry, Wire Tie, Wire Jewelry Designs, Wire Work Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Wire Pendant

Abby Hook's Wire Wrapped Bail for Top-drilled Stones, Findings & Components, Toggles & Clasps, Earwire & Headpin. Findings, Clasps, Components, Loops, Wire Loop, Wrapped Wire Loop, Wire Wrapping, Wrapping, Wire Wrapping Jewelry. This simple bail, formed from a single piece of wire, is quick to make and very versatile.

Denise Cowell