People and places art gcse

Explore creative art ideas for your GCSE project on people and places. Get inspired to create meaningful artwork that captures the essence of different individuals and environments.
"Personality Complex" by Zoë Annesley-Harris Double Exposure, Gcse Art Sketchbook, Art Gcse, High School Art, Gcse Art, Identity Art, Wow Art, A Level Art, People Art

a pencil drawing i did for my gcse art exam (its pretty big irl), took me ten hours- I don't take any credit for the original concept, as it was very much inspired by this , a double exposure photograph by the amazing Dan Mountford. I did, however, use my own photographs (apart from some of the buildings, for which i used images i found on flickr of the manhattan skyline) the buildings got a bit smudged, which is really annoying me PLEASE, PLEASE, respect that this is my exam work, and do…

Sarah Karahasan
Sir John Lawes Art Faculty: Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - Appropriation Art - Art based on appropriation of other Artists imagery Past Present And Future Photography, A Level Art Environment, The Everyday Art, Inside Outside Art Gcse, Environment Gcse Art, Past Present And Future Art, Gcse Art Environment, People And Places Art Gcse, Places Art Gcse

Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917, Marcel Duchamp took a mass production factory made object a urinal, signed it with a fictitious Artists' name and claimed he had made it into a work of Art Diego Velazquez Pope Innocent X 1650 - Francis Bacon The Screaming Pope 1953 Webpage Edward Hooper Nighthawks 1942 Still from a Simpsons episode Homer vs the 18th Ammendment series 8 1997 Banksy Shopping Trolleys in Monet Painting 2006? Iconic Vietnam War Photo showing the shooting of a Vietcong prisoner…