Pet care tips

Learn how to take care of your pet with these essential tips. From feeding and grooming to exercise and training, ensure your furry friend lives a happy and healthy life.
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LEAVES YOUR PET SMELLING FANTASTIC: Snuggles and cuddles from your furry friend never smelled so good! A quick spritz of our pet cologne gets rid of offensive odor without being overpowering. Don’t have time for a bath? Our pet fragrance spray instantly controls stinky, smelly pet odors caused by being wet and outside in the yard or playing with other pets. Use every few days as a part of a complete grooming routine to maintain a pleasing pet smell in between baths. FRESH SCENTS: Our…

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There are a lot things to do as a new dog parent to start your puppy or dog off on the right paw. The one area that you should start working on today is learning how to clean your dog’s ears. It will take some time for you and your puppy or dog to get use to it, but starting the process is important even if it means just touching or looking in your dog’s ears.

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