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Minneapolis dog photographer. Specializing in colorful dog portraits, pet brand content, dog rescue imagery, senior and terminal dog photos, pet industry commercial imagery, veterinary photography, dog event photography, furever sessions

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As with any business, you've got to have multiple income streams to weather the slow seasons! Plus, it's always a good idea to have additional cash flow coming in. In this post, I'm sharing some great income stream ideas for pet photographers outside of working with clients. Hopefully, you can incorporate one of many of these into your business to help keep the cash flow moving and create a more profitable, sustainable business. #petphotography #petphotographer #petphotographytips

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Pricing is an art form to be sure! But, instead of following along with what every other photographer is doing, you can figure out pricing for your unique business. In this post, I share a quick and easy pricing methodology for pet photographers to help you make more money in your pet photography business and build a more profitable, sustainable business today. #petphotography #pricingforpetphotographers #petphotographypricing #thebusinessofpetphotography #petphotographytips

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Today, a real treat for both your pupper and you! We’ve discovered who we think is one of the most talented emerging dog photographers we’ve seen in a long time and are so excited to be introducing Jess Bell Photography to you today! We sat down with Jess to chat about her art, her love […]Continue Reading...

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There was so much I wish I knew when I first started my business as a pet photographer; fortunately for you, I'm dishing all the tea and sharing my best advice for new pet photographers from someone who has been in the business just a couple of years. In other words, I'm not so far along from where you right now that I can't give you a leg up along the way. Read the full post now. #petphotographybusiness #dogphotographer #Petphotographytips #adviceforpetphotographers

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