Pet treats

Spoil your furry friend with delicious and healthy pet treats. Discover top ideas to keep your pet happy and satisfied with tasty homemade treats.
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“Sustainable” “Single ingredient.” “Ethically sourced.” These are all terms now often deployed to advertise grocery store products as more and more consumers become concerned with how their food is actually produced and processed. But typically, these are terms used to advertise food for humans. Increasingly, pet food companies are following suit in their production and marketing techniques—particularly startups and small businesses, also reflecting a trend in the greater food industry…

Supansa Visesjinda

The packaging was designed around the brand’s personality which is eco-focused, playful, and laid back. Each of the flavours is named like a menu item, which creates a fun way for customers to pair treats like “House Burger” with “Side of Fries”. This also serves as a nod to the founders’ time spent in the restaurant industry together.The pouch colours combine a slightly vintage, muted quality which is offset with a bold, bright accent colour. The accent colours are used to pull focus to…

Jason Baptiste