Photo ideas for musicians

Capture the essence of your musical talent with these creative and inspiring photo ideas. From unique poses to stunning locations, discover how to showcase your passion through captivating images.
Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media: Getting Good Rock Band Photos:Interview with Magi Wangler Photography, Portraits, Portrait, Fotos, Poses, Photo, Fotografie, Fotografia, Group Photography

Getting Good Rock Band Photos: Interview with Magi Wangler by Sue Basko Every rock band or solo performer needs good photographs. Photos are needed for EPKs, press releases, websites, blogs, Facebook and myspace, and music sales sites. For online music sales, each song and each album need a picture. Bands also sell posters and postcards. Obviously- for most of today's purposes, you need high-resolution digital photographs. NOTE: Click on any of the photos to see an enlarged version of it…

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