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Explore a collection of beautiful piano music notes that will inspire and elevate your musical journey. Discover new melodies and compositions to enhance your piano playing skills.
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How do you read the music notes ABOVE/BELOW the staff in piano sheet music? | Socratic Piano Chords Chart, Piano Music Lessons, Blues Piano, Partition Piano, Piano Notes, Music Chords, Keyboard Piano, Reading Music, Piano Songs

Music notes above and below the staff are read as extensions of the staff. In piano sheet music, notes above and below the staff will have lines above/below them, There are usually one, two or three of these lines and they simply act as an extension of the staff. For example, Middle C (the middle C note of the piano) is sitting on an extra line below the treble staff (the top one). This means it is two steps below the note on the bottom line of the treble staff itself, an E. The treble and…

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This is a continuation from Part 1 The aim is to get to a point to be able to read the following piece: Seeing how written music maps to the piano extremely well, leads me to believe that modern sheet music was invented first for the piano (or maybe the piano was invented with sheet music in mind... Who knows???). This sheet music to keyboard mapping is so intuitive that it is the logical place to start (at least in my opinion :P) Step 2 (Marching forward) We will begin with the grand staff…

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