Pipe cleaner animals

Learn how to make adorable pipe cleaner animals with these easy DIY craft ideas. Get inspired and create your own cute and colorful animal friends today.

Don't you love simple crafts!? These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are so pretty and they're really easy to make. Pipe cleaner crafts are so much fun, especially when you can make something really awesome in less than 5 minutes using nothing but 2 and a half pipe cleaners! You don't need any glue, and you don't need any fancy supplies. Just pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. This is such an awesome low mess craft for kids... and tweens, and teens, and adults... it's pretty great for all…

Habiba Osama
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Fun and easy crafts for kids to make when bored at home! These cute little pipe cleaner animals are so simple to make with cheap supplies that you probably already have. A super creative craft project for older kids and teenagers! Full tutorial included on how to make these cute pipe cleaner animals.

Kelly Ann Sirianni
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It always pays to have a stack of colored pipe cleaners in your craft box, along with other crafty pieces like pom poms, pony beads, and googly eyes. These pipe cleaner animal crafts are not only adorable, but they’re super easy to make, too, and there are projects to suit all ages, from the tiny...

Katelyn Thompson