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Elevate your pizza brand with these creative and unique branding ideas. Find inspiration to create a memorable and enticing brand that will attract more customers to your pizzeria.
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Do you love pineapple on a pizza or despise it? Is deep-dish pizza truly a pizza or not? And where exactly can you find the best pizza in the world? These are the age-old questions we discuss and argue over, never really seeming to find an answer. But one thing there’s no debate over: pizza is one of the most popular and beloved dishes worldwide, and that’s just a fact...

Ray Filerio
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Madkind Design Studio is a fractional creative studio that crafts deliciously unique brand experiences for woman-owned food + bev brands. Our mission is to help women shake things up in the saturated food and beverage spaces by turning jumbled thoughts and dreamy ideas into obsession-worthy brands. Let's make your brand mouthwatering.

Dulce Cortés
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In order to stand out, we knew we needed to create a pizza brand that acted a little differently. So, although this brand leans into a lot of the classic NY pizzeria tropes, the brand mascot certainly does not. Rather than bringing yet another “Gr-r-reat” overly enthusiastic mascot into the world, we took a more unexpected approach and created one who could work a bit harder for the brand, or not, depending on how you look at it.

Trust The Process
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e designed a brand for an Italian pizzeria. The concept was to create a POP pizza brand, through camouflage patterns, type design and warm colors. The idea was to create an impact image alternating the simplicity of the logotype with the power of the color spots of the pizza. The logo is inspired by the old Italian signs, while the visual has modern images and colors, creating a contrast that enhances the two souls of the restaurant. We also used different vintage fonts to remember an old…

Renan Porto Martins