Potatoes and bacon

Explore mouthwatering recipes that combine the savory flavors of potatoes and bacon. Try these dishes and satisfy your cravings today!

This Easy Breakfast Casserole is the BEST of the BEST - packed with bacon, potatoes, and cheese! A simple yet delicious egg bake recipe that can be prepared in advance which makes it perfect for special occasions or any busy weekday!

Debbie Bryant
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Warm potato salads are a fantastic option, and pair perfectly with grilled or roasted meats of all kinds. They add a whole new dimension to any backyard barbecue, and because they are served warm (room temperature is fine), and contain no mayonnaise, they are easily portable and make a great pot luck dish. The vinegar and maple syrup in this dish combine with chopped onions, garlic, BACON and thyme to make a delicious vinaigrette poured over the warm potatoes. Anything with bacon is better…

Leslie Smyth