Pringles logo

Explore the fascinating journey of the Pringles logo, from its classic design to the modern iterations. Discover how this iconic logo has evolved over the years and grab a can of your favorite Pringles today!
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Until 1988, Pringles was spelt with an apostrophe before the "s". The mascot Mr. Pringle was designed in 1967, with this logo design. In 1986, Mr. Pringle's face became rounder, his eyes were more apparent and his mustache was slightly changed. Minor changes were made to the logo in 1988; the shirt collar of Mr. Pringle is no longer visible and the apostrophe in "PRINGLE'S" was also dropped. This logo was brought back in 2011 for a series of "Rewind Edition" Pringles cans. Mr. Pringles' rosy…