Pumpkin sculpting

Get inspired to create unique and intricate pumpkin sculptures for Halloween. Discover tips, tricks, and tools to bring your pumpkin carving skills to the next level.
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How to 3D carve your own pumpkin! - Michael Perry - Mr Plant Geek

A trip to the pumpkin patch has become an annual event, being scribbled onto the calendar alongside the December Christmas Tree hunt, and June strawberry picking trip! But once you’ve got your pumpkin, what will you carve? Why not try something a little more ambitious this year? Expert 3D pumpkin carver, Simon McMinnis, has put […]

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3d Pumpkin Sculpt - With Video

3d Pumpkin Sculpt - With Video: Carving pumpkins at Halloween is an annual event for many, and can be highly anticipated. Choosing the perfect design can be just as much fun as the actual process of carving. Recent years have seen the rise of "3D pumpkins" or "sculpts". The fo…

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20 creative Jack-o-lantern ideas for this Halloween! – Whole Lifestyle Pumpkin Sculpting, Diy Pumpkin Carving, Holiday Cookies Decorated, Pumpkin Carving Designs, Scary Pumpkin Carving, Creative Pumpkin Carving, Easy Pumpkin Carving, Amazing Pumpkin Carving, Halloween Pumpkin Designs

20 creative Jack-o-lantern ideas for this Halloween!

You can buy a pumpkin and carve a generic template face in to it and call it a day, or make something impressive that people will take notice of. Some of these ideas may look intimidating, but once…

Julie Romanik
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15 Incredible pumpkins that will make you question your carving skills

Villafane Studios and the talented artists behind it specialize in temporary art — think pumpkins and sand. But just because these mediums eventually fade away doesn’t mean that they don’t put every ounce of creativity into their projects. Proof of that are the incredible pumpkin carvings that Ray Villafane and his team produce. Be warned: These works of art will leave you feeling a bit inadequate when it comes time to create your own jack-o'-lantern this Halloween. From cute to super…

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Artist Uses Pop Culture As A Theme To Sculpt His Pumpkins

Halloween is coming and those people who are really into celebrating this holiday for sure started thinking how to impress everyone with their costumes and decorations. Pumpkin carving is one of the ways to do that, and if you are not sure about your abilities, there’s a man you can trust. And his name is Alex Wer.

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