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Anatomy of a Cartoon

The Story of Oscar Wilde's Infamous Curtain Call Take a closer look at the details of the above cartoon. It is one of the Fancy Portrait series from the long established satirical journal Punch and it appeared in response to the opening night of Wilde's play Lady Windermere's Fan at the St. James's Theatre on February 19,…

Oscar Wilde in America
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PUNCH Magazine Cartoon Archive

Street Signs. "Royal Terrace, Sir? Turn to the left at 'Smith Soap' and then to the right at 'Jone's Beer' in red, and again to the left at 'Robinson's Hats', with part of the 'H' gone, in green, keeping 'Brown's Face Powder' to your right. Then, when you get to 'Simpson's Food' going in and out in red and blue, turn up the alley to your right, just under the second 'T' of 'Twice Nightly', and it brings you right into Royal Terrace, which you'll know because there aren't any signs there."