Quilting for beginners

Start your quilting journey with these easy and beginner-friendly quilting ideas. Learn the basics and create beautiful quilts to cherish for a lifetime.
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Quilting for Beginners - Part 1 Selecting Fabric - Honeysuckle Footprints

Want to sew a quilt but don’t know where to start? With this step by step quilting for beginners tutorial I’ll show you how to make a quilt start to finish!

Sherry Lance
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6 Quilting Patterns For Beginners

I am so excited to share these quilt tutorials with you. We are always being asked to share patterns for beginners or those who just want a mindless easy project to pass away the days. These quilts…

Darlene Furgeson
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Quilting Supplies for Beginners

"How do I get started with quilting?" I’ve gotten this question a lot recently! I am so happy to share some of my favorite quilting tools to help you get started! Download the PDF checklist! . . My interest for quilting started when I inherited my grandmother’s sewing machine. It was old and needed some work, so I took

Jessica Fortner