Rag tie wreath

Add a touch of charm to your home decor with these unique and colorful rag tie wreath ideas. Discover how to create your own stunning wreath and bring a festive vibe to any space.
Rustic Rag Tie Garland Tutorial - Sharifa Creates Art, Fabric Garland, Garland, Fabric, Fall Decor, Tie, Decorating, Dining Table Runners, Rag

Have you decorated your home for fall yet? Some people decorate as soon as September 1st arrives while others wait until the official first day of autumn. No matter your preference, I have do-it-yourself fall décor projects that will keep your home warm and cozy. Today, I will show you how to make a rustic rag tie garland. This garland is a versatile piece of fall décor. It can be a fireplace trimming, dining table runner, or coffee table centerpiece to name a few. The garland takes patience…