Raising godly children

Discover effective strategies and practical advice for raising godly children. Cultivate a strong foundation of faith and values in your kids for a bright future.
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To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids

To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids, I know you, friend. While we've never met in person, I know your heart and how you long to raise kids who love the Lord. Your heart's desire is to grow children who have a personal relationship with God and have deep roots of faith. Yet

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How to Raise Godly Children in an Ungodly World - KCM Blog

If you’re a parent, you know this fight is real. Children are undoubtedly a blessing from God, and we are tasked with teaching them about God, Jesus and how to live by God’s principles. We are entrusted with their education and well-being, both physically and spiritually. Unfortunately, as the gap between godly and worldly values…Category: FaithBuilders Read More

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4 Things You NEED to be Doing as a Christian Mom

Do you bring your little one to church on Sunday? Many moms believe that this is how you teach children about Christ. But after having my daughter, I realized that the purpose of a Christian Mom is SO much more than this. Being a mama is one of the most important jobs the Lord has

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How to Raise Godly Boys to Conquer the World

It's not an easy task to raise godly boys but we know that we, godly moms, are called to intentionally raise our boys to love God, follow Christ's footsteps, and fulfill their God-given destiny. More than that, we are called to raise godly boys to conquer the world!