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Discover unique and stylish recycled outfit ideas to build a sustainable wardrobe. Embrace eco-friendly fashion and make a statement with your clothing choices.
Gummy Bears, Sugary Cereal, and Sushi Converted into Playful Apparel by Nicole McLaughlin | Colossal Couture, Clothes, Outfits, Anything But Clothes, Recycled Outfits, Thrifting, Apparel, Recycled Dress, Upcycled Fashion

Nicole McLaughlin (previously) ensures she always has a snack at her fingertips—or stashed in a puffy vest or lining the top of her sandals. The former Reebok graphic designer creates upcycled clothing, footwear, and household items from pouches of gummy candy, old fleece jackets, and even inflated bags of popcorn. Often prominently displaying logos, McLaughlin’s projects provide a humorous take on branding and fashion trends. The playful pieces also are part of the designer’s years-long…

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In the Miss Universe contest, the clothes contestants wear aren’t always just about beauty, but also about sending a message. This year, Miss Thailand decided to wear a dress that was personal to her own life story — it was a tribute to her parents, who are garbage collectors. Let’s learn more about Anna Sueangam-iam, the woman people sometimes call “the garbage beauty queen.”

Minh Kha