Red dyed hair underneath

Get inspired with these bold and beautiful ideas for red dyed hair underneath. Add a pop of color to your hairstyle and stand out from the crowd with these vibrant and eye-catching looks.
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Red is the color of love, passion, and fierce. Black is the color of mystery, power, and elegance. Together, they create a color combination that is both sophisticated and wild. If that’s what you want for your next hairstyle, this list is for you. Keep scrolling to see 25 gorgeous red and black hair ideas that can turn you into the center of attention everywhere you go in the blink of an eye.

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20. Muted Purple Peekaboo Hair Color. Unlike the more vivid options in this article, this color scheme opts for a more subdued hue of purple, which plays perfectly well with the ashy brown base.

Alexandra Candelario
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Underlayer hair colors are a FUN way to change up your look – in spring to match the flowers and breeze, in summer to match your swimsuit, in fall to match the leaves, and in winter to complement your favorite winter coat! Get ready to try braids, ponytails, and many other hair accessories. With a ... Read More about Trending: 37+ Underneath Hair Color Inspiration – Burgundy, Brown, Pink, Purple, Blonde Dyed Hairstyles 2022

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13. Brown Hair Infused with Sunset Hues. Instead of using a sole bold color for the underlayer, this hairstyle incorporates a whole bunch of red, purple, pink, and yellow hues, which chimes well with the bronzed brown and ensures a head-turning result.

Brittany Johnson