Rose bowl

Elevate your home decor with unique rose bowl ideas that add a touch of elegance and beauty. Explore creative ways to incorporate rose bowls into your interior design and create a stunning focal point.

I spent this weekend cleaning up from a trip we took the weekend before last. We don’t often take trips these days, so it was a special tre...

Laurel Smith

i’m convinced flea markets run in my blood. they’re a part of my genetic makeup. finding a good deal is what has driven my ancestors for centuries. okay, maybe i’m exaggerating, BUT i do have the fondest memories of attending swap meets with my grandma, hearing all about her various finds each time

ariel girardi
Today #ontheblog find out about super easy #flower arranging in a #posybowls #rosebowl #bloggingyourway #designblogger #vintage #thriftscorethursday Rose Bowl, Flowers, Floral, Flower Arrangements, Bowl Arrangements, Vase, Flower Frog, Floral Design, Silver Plate

Recently I ran across these great posy/rose bowls at one of my favorite antique shops near my house in Germany, Roth Antik. I have used flower frogs before but I was not sure I’d ever used a rose bowl. Imported from the UK these little silver plate beauties make flower arranging super easy. I am […]

Michelle Magana