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Discover the benefits of using a safety razor for a close and comfortable shave. Learn how to properly use and maintain a safety razor for a smooth and irritation-free shaving experience.
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You know when you’re shaving your legs and you look down and see a thin strip of pure white, often straight up your shin bone, and you realize it’s not a bit of shaving cream you’ve missed, but a place where you actually sliced off the top layer of skin? (Never shaved your legs before? Try to use your imagination.)

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GET SMOOTH SHAVING EVERYTIME: The Kitsch Perfect Glide Safety Razor is a top-of-the-line tool for an exceptional shaving experience. It is designed to provide you with a smooth, close, and comfortable shave, free from the pain and irritation often associated with traditional razors. NO MORE DRAG OR IRRITATION: The one blade razor for women and men features a single-blade stainless steel design, which reduces drag, irritation, razor burn, and the risk of ingrown hairs. This innovative design…

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Worried shaving with a safety razor is going to be a blood bath? I'm here to tell you not to worry; it won't be like a scene out of a horror film once you read these tips for how to use a safety razor. Safety razors are a great way to minimize plastic waste in the bathroom. Most disposable razors have some sort of plastic that you throw away: either the entire razor or the razor cartridge. Safety razors, however are plastic free! You just replace the blade which may be able to be recycled…

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