Discover unique and innovative ideas to incorporate scales into your home decor. From fish scales to bathroom scales, find inspiration to create a stylish and functional space.

About this item -The scale of justice represents truth and fairness. Perfect gift for the lawyer, judge, and student in your life. -Display on your countertop or shelf to add a farmhouse touch to your décor. Surround it with greenery for a fabulous centerpiece. -Adds a vintage touch to any wedding table decoration. The perfect idea for unique celebrations with a rustic, country aesthetic. -Simple, elegant design and bronze finished create a stylish antique look to complement eclectic décor…

Sónia Palos
Natural Iridescent Inspiration Scales Wallpaper, Mermaid Scales, 판타지 아트, Animal Skin, Patterns In Nature, Color Textures, Textures Patterns, Reptiles, Surface Design

Iridescence is an almost magical phenomena which occurs when the surface of an item reflects different colors at different angles. You may have seen iridescence used in fashion recently, especially where accessories are concerned. We’ve been seeing iridescent accessories everywhere, and it’s another case of art imitating nature. Check out these photos of iridescent inspiration that […]

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